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The Fake Sartorialist was born in August 2009 out of sheer fashion desperation.Where was the humour, where was the real sass (not the back stabbing kind), where was the fashion world mirror looking back on itself? Everyone seemed to busy to ask the hard questions like: ‘Is viscose the new lycra’ ‘is fake the new real’ and ‘is Lady Gaga….’ yes indeed, those are the hard questions that The Fake Sartorialist strives to answer.

Behind The Fake SartorialistEduardo Cachucho
From 2003 I  studied as a restless architecture student in Johannesburg, South Africa, graduating in 2008. Since then I have been in search of the ultimate mode of creative expression for my rather frazzled brain. The Fake Sartorialist is one of these expressions, a perfect way to have ‘multiple’ personalities without all that mental asylum hassle.
To see my other works visit:
www.efrcdesign.com (architecture, graphics, video, art)
YouTube (various video and video art pieces)