Magic Box

So in thinking up more exiting content to create for you (the reader), I have come up with: ‘Magic Box‘. This is one of those boxes where what goes in is not what comes out! Somewhere in between some magic happens.
What you do:

  1. You email me a photograph that you think needs that Fake Sartorialist touch.
  2. My email filtering technology ‘magically‘ sorts all your emails into a folder.
  3. I get hard at work transforming your friends / family / fashion shoot/ some alluring stranger you’ve photographed.
  4. I post it here on The Fake Sartorialist with full credits and links to the photographer.
  5. You have a good chuckle/profound moment looking at the transformed work.

So send your photo through email by clicking HERE
or email thefakesartorialist {at} gmail {dot} com
with the subject “Magic Box”
I’m looking forward to seeing your pics!Min-max file size: 3-10Mb
Works created are under the amazing Creative Commons License:

So feel free to share and remix, as long as attribution, 
noncomericality and share-alike are kept to.
Users image:
Users still retain full copyright to the original image.